"After I saw that story on Dateline NBC about your pheromone oil I ordered some and I am 100% satisfied. Women are now coming up and talking to ME! I don't even have to use pick-up lines anymore. Thank you."
- Robert Y. in Tuscon, AZ.

"To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for your prompt service and remarkable product. My Wife and I haven't been so 'frisky' in years. It's just like our honeymoon again. Please find my payment enclosed for another bottle of Androstenone. Thanks again."
- Leslie A. in Macon, GA.

"What is this stuff anyway? Voodoo? Man I love it!!! I would have bet $100 it wouldn't work for me, but it DOES! I'm getting laid more now than when I was a teenager. Many thanks.!"
- Carl L. in Indianapolis, IN.

"Dear Sirs, I want to thank you for producing such an amazing product. I have been back in the singles market for nearly three years, and until I received your product, not doing very well. I am shy by nature and even though I know that I must force myself to get in there and mingle, I just couldn't do it. The first time I wore it, at a singles dance, I was constantly approached by attractive women. I danced almost every dance that night and met several nice women - one I am now dating. She just now told me that it was my cologne that first attracted her. Even though I no longer need to wear it. I have enclosed a check for two additional bottles!"
- Thomas S. in Dayton, OH.

"WOW! Normally I'm a skeptic, but this stuff really works as advertised! My brother who teaches chemistry at Madison is using his students as test subjects to convince himself that this is science rather than magic (ha ha). I have been overlooked by women toooo long! I must say, I'm amazed..."
- Adam J. in Lubbock, TX.

"Hey man, these pheromones rule! I finally picked up this hot waitress at the sports bar that I was working on for a year! You know what she said to me? She said I sure like your cologne. I came back the next night and I was drenched in it!! We are dating now thanks to you. Send me more of the good stuff."
- Dinty C. in Seattle, WA.

"Dear Sirs: Please find my check in the amount of $154.85 for three more bottles of the pheromone that attracts women. Before I tried it I was sure it wouldn't work! I figured that I'd end up sending it back (I have bought things on the internet before that were junk). Because of your money back guarantee, I thought I'd give it a try. WOW! Was I blown away by the results. This stuff really works! The very first time I used wore it a girl at work who NEVER would give me the time of day told me she thought I smelled real good. I asked her out that afternoon and we've been out three times now. This stuff kicks ass! Thanks."
- David L. in Dayton, OH.

"I'm dating two girls who are better looking than I ever dated before thanks to you guys. Rock on!"
- Steven H. in Augusta, GA.

"I recently tried one of your products and noticed that I was aproached by a few women and that hasn't ever happened to me in the past."
- Tracy in Sherman Oaks, CA.

"WOW! This stuff smells great and really works! three dates in just one week. AMAZING!"
- Dan B. in Manhattan, NY.

"I'm now getting more dates than my 22-year-old son! Thanks you guys!"
- Greg A. in Owensville, IN.

"Girls Vball team used to think I was too short , but now they don't care! :) Wow!"
- Michael W. in Passiaic, NJ.

"Great product...it DOES work!!! Outstanding service!!! Simply the BEST!!!!!!!!!!"
- Timothy in Lancaster, PA.

"Blazingly fast service! I'm beating them off with a stick!!!!!! Thanks!!!"
- Q.M.K. in Newport Beach, CA.

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