"What it the world is in this stuff? The men at my work are falling all over me! Thank you."
Wanda C., Dallas TX

"I saw your products profiled on one of the news programs last night on Channel Three. After seeing the results those women achieved, I'm ready for some action of my own! Ha ha. If this stuff works half as well as it did on TV I'll be back for more! Thank you."
- Linda S., Carson City NV

"This is the most attention I've received from men in years! I must admit I was skeptical at first, but not anymore. This oil works magic. Thank You."
- Michelle H., Allentown PA

"My girlfriends are just puzzled beyond words when we go out now. Men will come right up and talk to me and completely ignore my two friends. My friend Carol asked me last Friday night, 'what is going on? These men are treating me as if I'm invisible when I stand next to you!' Thank you."
- Eva Marie G., Colorado Springs CO

"Dear Sir or Madam. This is my fourth order for the double strength bottle of Androstenone pheromone oil that attracts men. I couldn't be happier with the results. Keep up the good work. Us women need all the help we can get."
Sandra P., Mobile AL

"I want to thank you for such prompt service and for marketing such a fine product. I work in fine jewelry at a major department store and want to thank you for helping me with my sales! I bought your product to use in my pursuit of men. However, I discovered, quite by accident, that when wearing this product, my jewelry sales increased dramatically! There are two other women in my department who are both quite a bit slimmer and somewhat younger than I am. Until I began wearing your pheromone oil my sales were consistently lower. Now I am leading in sales for the first time in six years! Men who are looking for jewelry for their Wife or girlfriend will walk right up to me instead of the younger and more attractive coworkers. Both these girls are utterly bewildered at my new success. As much as I love your product, I simply cannot let my coworkers know my secret! Thanks again."
Marcia S., Bakersfield CA

"WOW! Thank you for changing my life. While wearing your pheromone perfume I recently ran into my ex-boyfriend and he was drooling over me. He remarked a dozen times how much he liked my new perfume. The satisfaction I received from being able to reject HIM was worth much more than I paid for your remarkable product. Keep up the good work!"
Becky S., Wheaton DC

"Hello again. Please send me two more bottles of the pheromone oil to attract men. I should have ordered more when I first ordered (when you were running a special price) but I was too skeptical. I now realize just how true your advertising was. I am so pleased with the response I am now getting from men. Many thanks."
Susan M., Meridian MI

"Dear Sirs, I am writing to express my gratitude. The pheromone fragrance oil you sell has performed every bit as well as your advertising claimed, and then some. I am 46 years old and last night I was asked out by a good looking 26-year-old who works in the next office. I was flattered to say the least! He came right out and admitted that it was my scent that first attracted him to me. I have noticed far more men flirting with me on days when I wear this. Thank you, thank you!"
- Glenda W., St. Louis MO

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